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School life can be fun, but is also the most important part of your learning. At Ekocity Polytechnic, we run a vibrant campus life around the school community. Whether it is the religious life, the social life or the quiet one, then you’ve got no reason to worry. A Friday Juma’at Service or night vigil is welcomed for our students, or even Sunday prayers and/or weekend get-together, if you prefer the social and jolly lifestyle. If you are the get-fit type, our sports facilities are the go-to place for you.

A snooker board, table-tennis court and TV games are all welcomed within the school hostel premises as indoor games, whilst the school football club (Ekocity FC) are always available to make the weekends fun. Well, if you just prefer to watch popular games than participate in them, then we have a viewing court FREE for all students to watch their favourite footballing shows and/or events. So you won’t miss weekend’s EPL, La Liga, Serie A, Ligue 1 or even week days Champions League or Capital One cup matches. Trust us when we say our students are balanced in all aspects of their study. Why? That’s because all work makes Jack the dull guy, and we breed no Jack here. We raise students who are complete models for the world to see.

Finally, the school social club is not complete without the dance club and the music society. Two different clubs entirely, you can decide to be a member of either one of the two clubs or join both clubs simultaneously, but be careful, you will need to devote time for both clubs, and don’t worry, it won’t affect your academics. They are extra-curricular activities and won’t debate for study time with you!

EkoCity Polytechnic - Career Centre

Armed with the Guidance and Counselling department, our institute offer FREE Career counselling to our students. We also offer a career path to them through the compulsory Students Industrial Work Experience Scheme (SIWES). 

The Rector, EkoCity Polytechnic Hit the Nail on its Head at the Entrepreneurship Summit at UNILAG

The Rector and the Borad of Directors, Eko College of Management and Technology, Lagos, Mr Segun Oshundairo graced an Entrepreneurship Summit Event as a Guest Speaker organized by the …


Hon. Emmanuel Bamigboye, the Executive of Mushin Local Government paid a scheduled visit to Eko City Polytechnic, Egbe where he had sponsored over 20 students who are currently on scholarship to study various courses in the Institution.