Career Centre

Armed with the Guidance and Counselling department, our institute offer FREE Career counselling to our students. We also offer a career path to them through the compulsory Students Industrial Work Experience Scheme (SIWES). 

N.B: Please visit the school Administrative Centre and request for more info about the SIWES program, if you are a returning student and are in ND 2.

With the right kind of training and education our students go through, it is no wonder why many employers look to retain them immediately they are through with their SIWES training, as their quality work rate speaks volume of the right kind of knowledge we have imparted on them. Our students are second to none in terms of standing out of the crowd when it comes to delivering excellence, hence, we are deep sure of an excellent career after graduation. And did we mention that the school itself offer immediate employment to graduates who come out tops of their departments? Including those who graduate with Distinction. And why do we do this? We do this to recognise excellence, and celebrate it. Also, if we don’t believe in the type of graduate we have bred, who will believe in them? Hence, we are our own first employer of labour! Simply say, we trust our products (quality of students) that we surely bank on them and retain them to be in the school setting, immediately after graduation.

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